When planning to build a custom home, you have a lot to think about. Don’t let the big decisions make you forget about the small features that can have a big impact! Here are some small features you should consider adding to your future custom home.

Outlet Placement

This is a tiny detail that can make a huge impact on your life. You might not think about it when designing your custom home, but when you do plan for it, it makes a world’s difference.

When you’re planning your home, take some time to think where outlets would logically go. If you charge your phone next to your bed, make sure your bedroom is set up for that. Also, adding outlets on two sides of your living room, office, and media rooms will allow for more freedom when arranging those rooms. Hidden outlets in drawers are also a handy feature to consider for small appliances in kitchens and beauty items in bathrooms.

Entry way of custom home with photos on left wall, table and mirror on far wall next to door and a runner carpet on the ground.

Depending on what you choose, flooring can tie your whole place together or make it seem like something is always off.


It’s not the main focus of your home by any stretch of the imagination, but flooring can still have a big impact. Depending on what you choose, it can tie your whole place together or make it seem like something is always off.

If you go with wood flooring options, you not only need to consider what type of wood you’d like to use but also the floorboard width and any special design work you might want. The finish of the wood can make all the difference in the appeal of a room, so spend time with the designer visualizing different finishes. For carpet, make sure you pick a style and material that will stand the test of time…and maybe a few kids and pets if you have them.


It can seem like a rather simple decision when designing your custom home, but it can have a huge effect on the overall ambiance. Recessed lights are always popular, but their placement and utilization are key factors.

The main rooms you want to spend the most effort on lighting are the kitchen, master bedroom and bath, and living room. Ideally, they should feature a mixture of lighting options, but that’s up to your style and interpretation. Also, consider adding kitchen cabinet lighting. Adding lights below cabinetry can help with kitchen prep and cleanup. Lights above add dimension and can bring your kitchen to life.

Laundry room in custom home with blue cabinets.

It’s easy to forget how important and often you use your laundry room. Don’t leave it out of your design planning though! 

Laundry Room Utility

The laundry room probably isn’t the most exciting room in your house. However, it’s important to make that room work for you. It’s easy to forget how important and often you use this room, and that can result in some setup issues.

Go over how your laundry room will look with your designer so you set yourself up for laundry success. Consider adding deeper-than-usual counters so you have room to fold clothes and store extra towels. Maybe also add a sink to soak clothing, or a hanging rack for clothes you want to air dry.

Maximized Storage

When it comes to designing your own home, you can plan to use every inch available. That means maximized storage space! This can mean custom cabinets with lots of dividers, hidden storage, or extra big closets. Whatever you choose, just make sure your home has various types of storage.

Closets can have shelves, drawers, and rods. You can have laundry basket storage and ironing board storage in your laundry room. Locker-style storage can be added to your mudroom or entryway. Consider various heights for kitchen cabinets. Maybe even add a dedicated closet for holiday décor storage! Lots of storage options maximize the space in your house and leave you with room to grow into it for years to come.

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