Color may seem a little scary, but it can transform your space and infuse personality into your home. To help you make the perfect color choices for your custom built house, here are some tips to follow.

Find Inspiration

You can just wing it, but to add the perfect color in your custom built house, you should first look for inspiration! It can be hard to find the right colors for your dream home, so that’s why you can look at multiple sources for inspiration.

Home and decorating magazines are always a good source if you need some help stepping away from the greys and neutrals. They will showcase creative looks that can simultaneously make a statement while tying into a decorative element from an adjoining space. But don’t just focus on magazines. Take a look at furniture you love, rugs you’re drawn to, and even artwork. Those will give you a sense of what colors you like. If you want to take it a step further, look in your own closet! That will give you the best sense of what colors appeal to you and can give you inspiration for your custom home.

Think About Color Groups

To ensure a cohesive feel to your home, try and choose colors that are in color groups.

To be clear, the colors you choose for the rooms in your home don’t have to match. But they should follow a color scheme that flows from room to room. Typically, this means choosing colors in the same temperature family. So warm colors together and cool colors together. The best part about color theory is there are going to be warm and cool tones for each color in the rainbow! So if you want a terracotta accent wall, don’t think you can’t have green in your home, as a warm mossy green can look beautiful and intentional together.

Think About the Mood of Each Room

It’s also wise to consider the mood and purpose of each room when deciding on the colors that will be in it. Colors can often symbolize and help establish the mood of the room, so when they’re paired together, they can work harmoniously and give your custom built house an elevated feel.

For example, blues and greens are often calming and are good colors for restful spaces. Oranges and yellows are more exciting and vibrant and are better suited to more lively spaces. Don’t forget about the color value, either! Value is defined as the relative lightness or darkness of a color. And the darker the value of color, the stronger the emotion it evokes.

Consider a Feature Wall

We’ve been speaking about color in a broad sense, but where do you start to actually put color in your custom built house? A trusty feature wall is a wonderful starting point, especially if you’re a little more apprehensive about color. They are a great opportunity to incorporate color in a beautiful way without overdoing it by painting every wall of a room the same color.

Create Color Surprises

You can also have fun and add interest at the same time by adding color to unexpected areas, such as the back of bookcases. Ceilings are often painted traditional white, but what if you painted them a soft pastel instead? These subtle touches go a long way to enhancing the overall aesthetic feel of any room.

Utilize Accessories

All these previous tips were about incorporating color during the design process for your custom built house. But it doesn’t just stop there! When you’re ready to move in, colorful accessories can add instant interest to any room.

A statement couch, pillows, rugs, throws, vases, artwork, lamps, coffee table books, and even plants and flowers…the ideas are endless! Even the hardware you choose for your home (which you can choose during the design process) can add touches of color if you were to choose warm tones of copper and brass.

Don’t Forget About the Lighting

From wall paint to accessories, no matter what, don’t forget to consider how light affects color. Color is a reflection of light, so the amount of light in a room and what direction the room faces will have a significant impact on the color scheme and how the color will appear. Ask your builder which rooms in your house will receive morning sun and evening sunlight. Also, consider which rooms have fewer windows and naturally feel a little dark. The colors you choose for these rooms should have those lighting situations taken into account.

We’re Ready to Help You Build Your Dream Home

Whether you’re dreaming of a custom built house with lots of colors or maybe just a few subtle touches, our team is ready to help you.

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