Walking into your brand new custom home is one of the best moments. Your dream is now a reality, and everything looks perfect! If you want to keep your home looking that way, here are some tips from a custom home builder for your home maintenance.

Maintain Heating and Cooling Systems

An efficient heating and cooling system is vital. Keeping your system’s health up to date will keep your health, your home’s health, and your wallet all happy. If you neglect it, allergens and mildew could become an issue. Not to mention regular maintenance will ensure you avoid any safety issues. Your ventilation, air conditioning, and furnace need to be properly looked after regularly. Annual inspections will help to keep the heating and cooling system of your home in the best working form.

A white bathroom with a gray vanity in a custom built home.

The quickest way to feel panicked about your new home is to let the plumbing systems lapse.

Check Plumbing

It’s not a fun home maintenance topic, but as a custom home builder, we know the quickest way to feel panicked about your new home is to let the plumbing systems lapse. When you’ve got a leaky faucet, it can quickly turn into a much bigger issue. But keeping an eye on your plumbing will help you spot any potential problems and avoid them before they cost you big.

Once every few months, take some time to check out your pipes and toilets. Also, be sure to check on your water heater and water pressure gauge. In a new home, this won’t take you very long, but when something is amiss, you’ll be glad you caught it early and were able to schedule repairs right away!

Inspect Home’s Exterior

Make sure you give the same love to the outside of your home as you do the inside. Walk around the exterior of your home once every few months and make sure everything is looking good. Examine and clean your gutters regularly too, as neglecting them can impede water flow and lead to damaged landscaping as well as roofing problems.

Stay Prepared for Emergencies

We believe this is one of the most important but underrated home maintenance tips. Emergencies happen even in the most well-maintained home. A burst water pipe or damaged electrical panel can occur without warning and can bring disaster alongside it. It’s not fun to think about, but it’s always wise to stay prepared for these situations so you can take appropriate and immediate action if something happens.

Don’t Forget Cleaning

Of course, a lot of home maintenance comes down to basic cleaning. This is self-evident, but cleaning affects not only your home’s health but your health as well. We know cleaning is personal, but one thing we’ll specify is the value in routinely touching up walls, floorboards, trim. Little touch-ups can keep your home truly looking brand new for a long time.

Build with Ridgeline Homes

As a custom home builder, we hope these little tips help you to maintain your newly built custom home efficiently. Building a dream home is a great feat, but maintaining it is equally as important!

At Ridgeline Homes, we’d love to help create your dream home and show you how simple and enjoyable custom homeownership can be. We’re based in Montrose, Colorado, and are ready to start this exciting process with you.

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