Modern home design is becoming a popular choice for homeowners for its functional and clean aesthetic. If you’re looking to build a home or transform your current one into a modern paradise, here are six essential elements you don’t want to forget.

Open Floor Concept

One of the defining characteristics of modern home design is the open concept floor plan. Removing walls that separate the living room and kitchen creates a more airy, open space in your home.

In modern home design, the home is built for families to be together. So while bedrooms are still a private retreat, an open concept allows families to feel together. Even when kids are playing by the TV and dinner is being prepared in the kitchen, the open concept plan lets you connect with your family without having to be confined to one space.

Natural Lighting

Some tend to think material features define a home aesthetic, but it’s the subtle things that make the most difference. Using light intentionally in your home, especially natural light, is a particular element of modern home design that greatly affects your space.

Along with open floor concepts, having large or many windows sets the focus on the natural surrounding of your home. Both elements together work to create the airy, openness that modern design is all about. The natural sunlight will also fill your home with inviting warmth. If you’re building your dream home, a large feature window accompanied by smaller windows is a fantastic way to incorporate this element. Skylights are also a great option to consider.

Natural Materials

Modern design favors materials that can strike a balance between form, function, and nature. Materials like wood, stone, and exposed concrete are all popular choices as they contribute to the sense of effortless sophistication that modern home design is known for. Whether you’re building your home or want to spruce up your current home, incorporating natural materials is something anyone can do. From flooring to furniture and fixtures, wood is a common material that you can use to create a more modern feeling home.

Intentional Colors

Another element of modern design is to be intentional with your color choice. It’s no secret that whites and greys are dominating color palettes in homes today. You don’t have to completely steer clear of colors if you don’t want to for your home, but you have to be mindful of the colors you choose.

Neutral colors will give your home a crisp, clean, and calm atmosphere. But too much can make your space feel cold and even a little boring. Using primary bold colors as accents can help add some interest and creative flair. Implement this in décor or furniture pieces or on a dedicated accent wall that breaks the natural shades up.

Energy Efficiency

Environmental and energy concerns have had a huge impact on building materials and codes. So an essential element in many new modern home builds is energy efficiency. This not only helps the planet, but it also has some perks for you. This includes better insulation, maximizing airflow to save on heating and cooling, and using more efficient appliances.

A home builder will help you make your home more energy-efficient throughout the process, but if you’re looking for a way to incorporate modern design into your current home, there are still ways for you to do so. Changing your lights to be more energy-efficient or getting efficient appliances are some options you can consider.

Less is More

Another feature of a modern home is its fondness for simplicity and minimalism. This doesn’t mean you have to get rid of everything but the essentials, but rather it’s being thoughtful with your design choices.

Rather than having highly detailed wallpaper for your living room, consider block painting a wall in a muted color. Instead of choosing very ornate moldings or trims, you choose something sleeker and simpler. This doesn’t make the design boring. Instead, it makes it more sophisticated. Rather than focusing on intricate details and designs, modern home design focuses on functionality and clean crisp aesthetics.

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