Building a custom home for your growing family is a great investment, but it can come with some challenges, too. Don’t fret, though – because with some prep and planning, you can attain your dream home that will fit your family as it grows. To help you prep, here are some elements to consider when you build a custom home.

Consider the Layout

It can be easy to go with the standard layout when you build a custom home. But you’re building your home specifically for you, so think about whether that standard layout truly makes sense for you and your family.

Take a second to imagine yourself living in your new home. What is most important to you? For example, many couples want to have clear lines of sight indoors and outdoors so they can keep an eye on kiddos. This usually translates to an open floor plan and window and door access to exterior spaces. By imagining your family living in that home and what it will be like the first year and for years after, you can determine what types of rooms you need, how many you need, and where they should be located.

Build Rooms to be Flexible

When you’re building a home and starting your family or have young children, you’re going to want your home to grow with you. An easy way for the home to account for changes is to include rooms that are built to be flexible. This allows your home to grow with you without needing expansions or additions down the road.

A flexible room can mean a room that serves as a nursery and then can change with the child as they grow to have their own bedroom. You can also have more bedrooms than you need and use them for things like crafts or hobbies until you need them. Or, you can have rooms turn from storage into a study room or game room as your family grows and your needs change. Your custom home builder can work with you to incorporate some flexible spaces into your home design.

Don’t Forget about Organization & Storage

As your family grows, your belongings will grow as well. You’ll find that more books, toys, clothes, keepsakes, sports equipment, and countless other items accumulate over the years. So, when you build a custom home, it’s crucial to think about storage spaces. Without practical storage options, you might always have clutter, making it difficult to clean up and be organized.

Your builder can help you decide how much space to dedicate to organizing and storing your belongings using cabinets, closets, and shelving options.

Connection and Privacy

If you intend on having your custom home be your forever home, you’ll need to design for when your children are young and for when they grow into teens. It’s important to have spaces that allow your family to have quality time together, but it’s equally essential to have areas of your home that are private, whether for work, unwinding, or entertaining guests. Your custom building can make it easy for you to decide where you want openness and where you want your pockets of privacy as well.

Look at Location

When you build a custom home for your family, you need to consider if the surrounding area is the right fit. You want to be close to the things that are important to you, which can include work, parks, transportation, restaurants, and other businesses. Educational opportunities are another thing you should look into. You want to choose an area in a neighborhood close to good elementary, middle, and high schools to ensure your child has educational opportunities as they grow.

Think about the neighborhood, too. Many custom home builders have their own lots you can choose from. Do your research on what the neighborhood is like and how close it is to major roadways, shopping, and more. Visiting it in person can also give you a great indication of what it’s like and who has also built their home in the area.

Let’s Help Your Family Build a Custom Home

Building a custom home can be stressful, but with a little prep work, you can attain a dream home that’s perfect for your family. If you’re ready to build the home of your dreams, our team is ready to help you.

At Ridgeline Homes, we don’t just build you a house; we build you the beautiful custom-design home of your dreams. We help you make your vision come to life and will assist you in choosing the perfect lot in Montrose, Colorado, all the way down to the small details, like knobs on your cabinets. We also schedule several walk-throughs throughout the building process and send you notifications when milestones are achieved. Let us show you how simple and enjoyable custom homeownership can be. We’re ready to start this exciting process with you.

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