A young mother and child who just recently moved to the Montrose community.

We design are homes with YOU in mind.

During the COVID-19 quarantine crisis, one thing has become apparent: We need to find the unity in our Montrose community.

Ridgeline Homes makes it easy for you to find your community.

Community is one of those multiple-meaning words. If you look it up in the dictionary, you’d get a handful of definitions. Our favorite definition of the word community,“is a feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals.”

Moreover, we think this definition also mirrors the meaning of unity. We think it’s time to find the unity in our own community.

Montrose Community: Then & Now

The Gunnison Tunnel allowed for irrigation in the valley, which brought more farmers and ranchers to Montrose

The Gunnison Tunnel was influential in bringing farmers to the Montrose community.

Montrose, Colorado, was first established as a town in 1881. However, the first settlers came to the Uncompahgre Valley in the 1870’s. Then–in 1882–the Denver and Rio Grande Railroad Co. built a narrow gauge railroad that cut through the heart of Montrose. This was the primary connection between Denver, Colorado, and Salt Lake City, Utah. Consequently, the population of Montrose began to grow into the town we know and love today.

In the same way that the railroad brought people to Montrose, The Gunnison Tunnel brought agricultural community. Opening in 1909, The Gunnison Tunnel provided vital irrigation to the valley, allowing farmers to produce more crops than expected on the high desert plains.

Of course, the Montrose community is still ripe with farmers and modern-day settlers. However, more and more families are relocating to Montrose, for we at Ridgeline Homes believe it provides the perfect balance of community, nature, and amenities.

A Community with Ridgeline Homes

Did you know that communities and neighborhoods did not occur randomly? Communities are designed. Which is why we want you to look at our three communities: Bear Creek Subdivision, Waterfall Canyon, and The Promontory at English Gardens. With a delicate blend of privacy, customization, and family-friendly amenities such as parks, Ridgeline Homes has designed communities with YOU in mind.

Bear Creek Community

Bear Creek Subdivision in Montrose CO

Slice of country life in Montrose city limits.

Experience the perfect blend of history, farmland, and modernity in this centrally located community.  Just ever so slightly removed from the hustle and bustle of commercial Montrose, Bear Creek’s landscaped entrance will make you feel right at home. Moreover, when you pull into your new driveway, you’ll be able to smell the fresh are sweeping down from the San Juan Mountains, hear the cows mooing in the distance, and delight in the sight of your own community pond. Bear Creek provides you the slice of country life you’ve been craving without sacrificing the long commutes of country living.

Did we mention this community offers two parks? One park has a large pond, while the is large grass area for recreation. So now you can play catch in a larger space, and invite the neighbors to join in. Who needs to leave the neighborhood, when you have natural beauty in your front yard?

The Promontory at English Gardens

Unity begins with your custom home. Yosemite Model in the Promontory

Unity begins in the home.

Do you wish to be closer to the many shops and dining experiences that South Montrose has to offer? Look no further, The Promontory at English Gardens offers the quiet, luxurious community you are looking for. Ride your bike over to the Montrose Botanical Gardens, or catch a community show at the Pavilion. Moreover, there are several city parks that are just a hop-skip-and-jump away from your beautiful neighborhood. This is what community is all about–the ability to live safely and quietly, and have access to the many amenities your town provides.

We offer five customizable homes that range from 1510-1920 square footage. Modify your dream home to fit your family needs. Whether you have a large family, or a friendly family of fur-babies, each of our homes comes with lavish options. Moreover, we encourage you to bring your toys! Many of our models in The Promontory at English Gardens include a three-car tandem garage for your recreational vehicle. After all Montrose’s slogan is, “Stay Here, Play Everywhere.”

Waterfall Canyon Community

Waterfall Canyon community is in close proximity to the Historic Downtown of Montrose Colorado.

Experience a slice of Montrose history when you walk downtown.

Many people who relocate to Montrose, not only bring everything but the kitchen sink, they also bring their RV’s. At Ridgeline Homes, we understand that one major way of maintaining the value of your neighborhood (and your investment), is to store large recreational vehicles in a designated area, and not in your driveway. That’s why we designed a gated RV parking area for our Waterfall Canyon community. While this amenity is an additional fee, we know you’ll appreciate our effects to minimize the depreciation of your home.

Additionally, the Waterfall Canyon community is in close proximity to Riverbottom Park, Cerise Park, and Montrose Dog Park. Likewise, this neighborhood is just down the road from Historic Downtown Montrose which boasts many eclectic shops, tasty restaurants, brew pubs, and galleries.

The Unity in Community

Montrose woman is finding unity in community at Natural Grocers buying food for a neighbor.

Buying food for an elderly neighbor is just one way to bring unity to your community.

If we’ve learned anything from this unprecedented pandemic, it’s that neighborhoods matter. And if you haven’t already, it’s time to find the unity in your community. Whether it’s helping an elderly neighbor shop at the grocery store, or putting up Christmas lights in May for your neighborhood scavenger hunts, it’s time to come together. The times of asking your neighbor for sugar are still around, except during this crisis you might be asking for a roll of toilet paper instead! Either way, your neighbors are your neighbors because they most likely share the same common interests, goals, and attitudes as you.

So what are you waiting for? Meet your new neighbors today. Building your custom dream home as never been easier. Reach out today!