When building your dream home, it’s the perfect opportunity to make it a dream home for your furry friend as well! Here are a few tips for pet-friendly custom home design to make sure your home is perfect for your pet.

Pet-Friendly Flooring

One of the top things you should include in your custom home design for your pet? Durable, hard surface floors. The ease of clean-up is the greatest advantage of this kind of flooring, especially if you’re a pet owner. Carpets can get stained and hold in odorous pet smells. They also hold onto fur and dust, which can be hard on someone with allergies. And as time goes on, they’ll require professional cleaning to get them looking and smelling like new.

Hard surfaced floors like laminate or wood are your best pet-friendly options. To have pet-friendly flooring while also keeping your home comfortable, add area rugs to spaces. That will provide the same benefit of carpeted living spaces without the permanency of an actual carpeted room.

Easy Pet Cleaning Areas

Bathing your pet isn’t always easy, but with the right custom home design, it can become a lot easier. A custom washing station, like an extra-wide sink, in the laundry room can make washing a dirty pup a lot easier. Another option is to include a walk-in shower with a large drain in your own bathroom. This will make bathing a larger pet easier for you and them!

Red haired dog with floppy ears looking and sticking his snout outside a window that's been partially opened.

Looking out the window is a fun activity for dogs and cats and can keep them entertained day after day.

A Bay Window with a Bench

Dogs and cats sleep a lot of the day away but are still cooped up inside your home mostly all the time. For them to stay happy, they need mental stimulation. The good thing is they don’t need a lot to keep them satisfied. Looking out the window is a fun activity for dogs and cats and can keep them entertained day after day.

Bay windows are a great pet-friendly custom home design choice because they provide comfy seating and endless entertainment. If you don’t let your pet on your other furniture, this can provide them a place of their own where they can see and enjoy their surroundings.

Pet Entrance Doors

Anyone with a dog (or a cat that goes outside) knows that you could be letting them in and out all day long. If you have a pet that likes to go out and sniff the flowers every once in a while and then run back inside, consider pet entrance doors! It can take away the need to be at your pet’s beck and call as they can be able to go out whenever they need. If you’re worried about other critters entering your home through your pet entrance doors, there are dog collar sensor doors that only open the flap when the dog is close.

Hidden Pet Care

Doggy crates and kitty litter boxes aren’t the most attractive home décor. But with custom home design, you can hide them! You can include cabinets that will fit a dog crate or a conveniently hidden cubby for your cat’s litter box. You can also create a pull-out cupboard in your kitchen that has your pet’s food ready to scoop for your convenience.

Ridgeline Homes

With these tips, you can make sure you build your dream home that benefits both you and your beloved pet. If you’re ready to build your dream home for you and your furry friend, contact us at Ridgeline Homes to help you! We’re based in Montrose, Colorado, and are ready to start this exciting process with you.

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