When it comes to building your custom home, many things can influence the direction of the design. Home trends can have a big effect, but not all are winning ideas. Here are some home trends you should watch out for that we think will add value, style, and comfort to your home.

Open Concept Floor Plans

While not a new trend, this home trend is here to stay. Open concept floor plans consist of large rooms that function as shared spaces. Typically they’ll combine the kitchen, dining, and living area. This makes the home’s interior appear larger while promoting socialization among family members. People are enjoying inviting, expansive spaces in their homes that promote the feeling of connectedness.

Smart Homes

The intelligent home technology industry is booming. Because of that, it’s becoming more accessible to have a smart home and is a big custom home trend. From security, to lighting, to entertainment, your home can be hooked up with all the smart home tech. In the next few years, the applications and technology will continue to evolve and become a lot more popular in custom home design.

Curvy Design

Curves are getting a whole lot of love in home design. Flat, straight edge designs have been a popular home trend for quite some time. But now, many homeowners are trying to incorporate curvy designs in their homes. Whether it’s a curved archway or a curved edge on the kitchen island countertop, there are many ways to add curvy elements into your custom home.

A work from home office with a desk and a computer next to a window and a plant.

With new work-from-home norms, people are needing separate workspaces in their homes.

Work from Home Spaces

Unsurprisingly, the past almost two years have prompted this home trend. With new work-from-home norms, people are needing separate workspaces in their homes. A separate workspace will ensure that the homeowner’s workday is comfortable and convenient. Working from home is great, but keeping the work-home balance is tricky when it’s all done in one space. Having a separate workspace helps facilitate healthy boundaries and with work-from-home becoming a new reality for many, this trend will become more popular in homes.

Home Conveniences

Whether you plan on expanding your family or are just looking for a place to age comfortably, home conveniences will continue to be an important custom home design in the future. As many want to stay in their homes for longer, thinking about design aspects that work with all stages of life becomes essential. Design elements like single-story homes, no-step entryways, wide doors and hallways, and step-in showers are increasingly being added to maintain quality of life at any age.

Connecting to Nature

For many, the virus has made them realize just how important nature is. Being able to get outdoors is something many have missed by being locked up, so it’s no surprise construction plans incorporating nature will become a popular home trend. This includes bigger yards, double doors from the living room into a backyard space, and eco-friendly construction plans and designs.

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