As the fall days bring cooler weather, it’s time to bring cozier style to your custom home. Simple fall décor can help you make the most of the season. Here are some ideas you can use to make your custom home stand out!

Dress Up Entryways

Adding fall décor to your entryway is a simple and easy way to decorate for the season. Add a harvest wreath on the front door to incorporate a splash of color. Walkway lanterns with battery-operated candles set a festive mood while also remaining safe. Even adding seasonal flowers, like yellow and orange mums, with a scarecrow or fall sign is a classic way to add decorations to your entryway.

A fall décor bedroom with warm oranges and rusty colored bedding on bed and a chunky cream knit blanket.

Color and texture are the perfect ways to add touches of fall to your home.

Play with Color and Texture

You don’t have to be into pumpkins and bats to decorate for fall. Color and texture are the perfect ways to add touches of fall to your home. Since there are so many different combinations of colors, patterns, and textures, you’ll be able to create a unique look for your home that you’ll love!

Deep reds and greens, rich browns, and rusty oranges are quintessential colors for fall. They aren’t the only colors you have to use though! Earthy, neutral colors can add a warm fall touch to your home if you’re not a fan of color. Or if you want to try something out of the box, blush adds rosy warmth to any neutral room, and saturated colors can add a pop of richness. These can be deep blues, yellows, or greens.

Texture is another great way to subtly add cozy fall vibes. Layers of textures in rugs, throws, and pillows are an easy way to add fall décor as you can use what you already have! But if you’re looking to add to your collection, velvet is a perfect fall texture. Or incorporate wicker or rattan, as these neutral textures will work well in any style of home. Brass and gold add richness and warmth and can be added with lamps, photo frames, or other small pieces of décor. And of course, knits are a fall classic and an easy way to incorporate texture into any room.

Create an Indoor Theme

Choosing a floor plan is one of the many great things about a custom home. It gives you the perfect amount of space for you and your family, as well as the perfect amount of space to decorate! To create a sense of harmony in your home this fall, create an indoor theme. You can go all out with matching décor around your home, or simply follow a color scheme to create some cohesion between rooms. You can do this by having seasonal flowers in your kitchen, a table centerpiece in your dining area, and fall-scented candles or hand soaps in your bathrooms.

Use Your Yard Space

Fall décor isn’t only for indoors! Decorating your yard space can be a creative and fun way to make your entire home ready for fall. Go spooky and wow your neighbors and friends with your decorating skill around Halloween. Or use acorn, leave, and pumpkin decorations to carry you through the entire fall season.

Enjoy Your Custom Home Through All the Seasons

Your custom home should be built perfectly for you and your family to enjoy throughout all the seasons. At Ridgeline Homes, we’d love to help create your dream home and show you how simple and enjoyable custom homeownership can be. We’re based in Montrose, Colorado, and are ready to start this exciting process with you.

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