Building a custom home is great because it’s made to fit you, your family, and your lifestyle. You get to decide what you want and need and turn it into your perfect home. One of the most fundamental decisions that will go into building your dream house is deciding what home interior style you prefer.

Is it a traditional style you’re after? Or do you prefer a modern look? Don’t have a clue and need help deciding? We’re here to help! By reading this guide and working one-on-one with you, we can help you chose your perfect home interior style that you will love to live with for years to come.

Traditional Home Design

“Traditional” has become synonymous with “timeless” and has long been a popular design choice. This design style focuses on dark colors and woods, ornate details, pattern textiles, and cozy charm.

Traditional living room with white brick fireplace, symmetrical furniture layout and wood finishes.

An example of a  traditional style living room with a brick fireplace, symmetrical furniture layout, and wood finishes.

Symmetry is also a popular element in traditional home design. It’s used because it cues within a feeling of balance, predictability, and safety. There aren’t going to be any shocks or surprises in a traditional home, as the focus is on creating a homey atmosphere. Don’t confuse this with being boring though. This style choice is meant to make you feel comforted from the worries of the world.

Traditional design is all about the details. If you want to create your home to be in keeping with this style, then you will want to turn your attention to using dark woods in rich tones. Traditional kitchen designs use a lot of real wood finishes, sometimes painted to be white or gray. Stone tiles, marble or limestone countertops, and classic patterns are common as well. Trim and molding are also commonly featured and painted white.

Modern Home Design

Just like how “traditional” is synonymous with “timeless,” “modern” style is often associated with being “new.” However, this design style came about in response to the ornate conventions in traditional homes. This home interior style cuts the overly-fussy details and focuses on streamlining living spaces.

Modern kitchen with sleek black cabinets and simple design.

This modern kitchen has sleek, handle-less cabinets and a modern no-frills design.

If you prefer clean-cut and sleek finishes, then a modern design will likely appeal to you more. There tends to be a focus on intentional asymmetry and cutting out unimportant design elements and details. This style focuses on sharper, cleaner edges, lighter wood flooring, uses of concrete and steel, and interiors that skip the adornments.

Modern home designs are simple, in principle. If you’d like your custom build to have this home interior style, you’ll need to keep a few things in mind. Since this style is more minimalistic, you’ll want to make sure things are kept sleek and simple. Modern kitchens will typically have handle-less cabinets and cleverly hidden storage spaces. There won’t be any floral patterns found in a modern kitchen (or anywhere in the home, for that matter). Angular structure and bold, sharp edges are usually regarded as modern, so think to incorporate those into your modern design.

Which Style is for You?

Still unsure of your perfect style fit? No worries. This is an important decision, and rushing it could leave you picking out the wrong designs during the custom build process. Your home is typically a reflection of who you are, so keep that in mind when considering a design. Here are a few ways to help guide that process:

  • Take a look in your closet: Do you have lots of sleek, minimalistic colors in your wardrobe? Or maybe you have more than a few patterned tops? Take a cue from your closet! Likely you’ll enjoy living in a certain home interior design if your closet follows that design already.
  • Tour your current home: Go ahead and walk around your current living situation. Do you already have a striped loveseat and lots of accessories that you love? Chances are your items will look incredible in a home with traditional details you pick out.
  • Create a visual reminder of what you love: Being able to see everything you love all together in one image can give you a burst of clarity regarding your home interior style. So, create a mood board online so you can fully visualize your ideal design style.

Can’t pick a single style for your home? Go ahead and take some elements from each. If you like the dark, rich colors of the traditional style but the overall sleekness of modern design, combine them for your perfect home build. There are no wrong answers when it comes to the design styling of your home!

Creating Your Perfect Home

Ridgeline Homes will help you create your ideal home build, no matter your design preference. We will make sure every detail is to your liking so your dream home becomes a reality.

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