You’ve moved into your new custom home and are excited to finally make it your own! But once you realize there are a million things to do, you’re not quite sure where to being. Feeling overwhelmed is a familiar part of the moving process, but don’t let it consume you. Here are our top tips to help you get settled into your new custom home so you can start enjoying it as soon as possible.

Clean up

The great thing about a new custom home is knowing you’re the first to break it in! Even though the house will be brand new and likely cleaned before you move in, you might want to do a cleaning of your own.

Not only is it smart to go around and clean it again yourself, but you’ll be stamping your home with your own brand of cleaning. Cleaning with the supplies and smells you’re familiar with will help to make the house feel like your home right off the bat.

Hit the main areas first – the bedrooms, the bathrooms, and the kitchen. Clean the rest of the space before you begin the unpacking process. It can be difficult to clean after all the furniture has been arranged, so make sure it’s clean before you start making changes.

Unpack priority items

Woman unpacking her kitchen in her new custom home.

Unpack priority areas first, like your kitchen!

Unpacking is the least exciting part of the moving process, but you don’t have to unpack everything on the first day.

Unpack priority items first, so that the most important areas of your house are set up right away. Get your mattress set up in your bedroom so you have a place to rest. Unpack the kitchen and store things you’ll use in the next few days, like a frying pan, a toaster, a coffee maker, plates, cups, and silverware. The essentials will help you get back into a normal routine (and help you avoid eating takeout for every meal). The rest can remain in boxes for the time being.

Don’t forget about the bathrooms either. Unpack toiletries, bath mats, your shower curtain, and your towels. Now you can use your important areas with no fuss and no stress. Finishing the unpacking by doing one room at a time will keep things organized and simple.

Keep track of important paperwork

Getting your home set up can be a whirlwind, but don’t lose your important paperwork in all the fuss.

In your new home, designate a place for document storage. All your important paperwork should be kept together and out of the way of all the moving chaos. Having a designated space for your paperwork keeps them safe and easily accessible as you settle in, as well as later in life, too.

Explore your neighborhood

A birds-eye view of a neighborhood

Explore your neighborhood! Getting to know the area around your new home will help you settle in.

A great way to help settle in is to get out and explore your neighborhood! Becoming familiar with your community and what’s around it helps you get into the rhythm of living there. Reaching out to your neighbors will also help you feel more connected to your area.

At Ridgeline Homes, we build your custom home in one of three beautiful communities. Each one has its unique access to town amenities, but all three will make you feel right at home and like you belong quickly.

Take time to relax

Moving is a major event that requires you to juggle lots of tasks. So, make sure you are taking some time for yourself to relax.

Enjoy the great features and thoughtful layout of your new custom home. After all, you helped make it as beautiful as it is! But also do something for yourself that you will enjoy and get your mind off the move. Taking some time off will help you settle into your environment with less stress and help you recharge.

Helping create new beginnings

We hope these tips help you settle into your new home with ease. New beginnings can be overwhelming, but they can be exciting and wonderful too!

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