Moving with kids can be complicated and even more stressful than usual. To help make moving into your custom home go as smoothly as possible, here are some of our helpful tips.

Talk About the Move Early and Expect Emotions

Moving is a big experience for everyone involved, especially if you’re moving with kids. So it’s best to talk to your kids about it as far in advance as you can to help prepare them.

If you have a toddler, they may not be able to fully grasp the concept of moving into a new home, but it’s still important to have a conversation about it. No matter how old your child is, preparing your child before the move will have a big impact on how easily they adapt once they’re in the new home.

Be sure to let them know that everything will stay the same, but they’ll just be living somewhere a little different. Their routine and family won’t change, and furniture and toys will be coming with them to the new house. While this is an exciting time, there may be some sadness, anger, or worry from your child at first. Listen, acknowledge, and reassure them their feelings are normal, but emphasize all the fun you are all going to have in your new home.

Let them Feel Included

Whether you’re looking for a home builder or are already in the building process, it’s always a good time to get your kids involved in the process. This helps them become more comfortable and even excited about moving because they get to have a say. Of course, you can let me have a say in as many big decisions as you feel comfortable with, but make sure they don’t feel pushed aside. Some activities to include them in could be:

  • Ask them what is on their must-have list for a new home. A pool might be a no-go, but reasonable requests can be talked about with your builder.
  • Take them to walk-throughs of the home during the building process. Hold hands and walk through the house and imagine what life will be like when the whole family is living in it.
  • Take them along on shopping trips to pick out things for the new home. Picking out accessories or bed sheets for their new room may help get them excited about the move.
Make the Move Seem Like an Adventure

It can sound cliché, but creating a positive, excited attitude about moving can be a game changer when you’re moving with kids. It changes it from being a daunting thing to a fun activity.

During dinner or another family activity, highlight to your kids all the things they can look forward to about their new home: the weather, the backyard, their rooms, the proximity to the park, etc. While leaving the old home behind is a little sad, it’s exciting to be able to look forward to all the new adventures and friendships you’ll be able to experience!

Take Your Kids to Visit the Neighborhood

This isn’t always an option, but if you can, take a walk or drive around your new neighborhood with your kids. Taking a visit can give them a clear sense of where they’re going and remove any nervousness they might feel. It makes the destination a familiar scene rather than a big question mark. While visiting, show them parks nearby, ice cream shops for your younger kids, and after-school hang-out spots for older kids.

If you can’t physically visit the neighborhood, Google Earth can lend a hand! Take a digital trip with your kids and visit your new street, the surrounding neighborhood, and restaurants and activities in the area. To have something to look forward to, make a plan for a family outing to one of the restaurants or a local bowling alley once you arrive.

Pack a Bag for the Day of Moving

Whether you’re driving or flying, moving day is going to be hectic. For the big day, pack an easy-to-access bag full of essential and special items to help your kids feel comfortable. Some things to include:

  • A change of clothes
  • Daily-use toiletries like toothbrushes, hair brushes, or diapers
  • Entertainment materials like an iPad, journals, coloring book, or storybooks
  • Snacks
  • Special toys or keepsakes
Say Goodbye to the Old House

On your last day, set some time aside to physically say goodbye to your home with your kids. You can do this in various ways – go room to room and say your favorite things about each one, what you’ll miss the most, or what you won’t miss at all. You can all stand in the living room and shout together “Goodbye house!” Or if your home is already sold, you can write a letter to the next family with highlights of your experience. Whatever you choose to do, this is the time for you and your kids to be mindful and appreciative of all you enjoyed about your old home.

Ridgeline Homes is Here to Create the Perfect Home for Your Family

If you’re moving with kids, we hope these tips help you maximize not just their moving experience, but yours as well.

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