Landscaping in Colorado can present some challenges. Colorado doesn’t usually get a lot of rain, but then it can rain every day in the summer. Winters can be long and harsh. The soil is rocky and usually not rich in nutrients. With these challenges, it’s good to have some landscaping ideas specific to Colorado. This way, you can make a custom house your home through the landscaping you choose. Your landscaping can be low maintenance if you have the right ideas for landscaping in Colorado.

xeriscaping with native Colorado plants in a landscape

The Benefits of Landscaping with Native Plants in Colorado

For landscaping that will withstand the test of time and the harsh elements of Colorado, using a variety of plants native to Colorado will be your best bet. The plants native to the western slope of Colorado are specifically adapted to the desert environment that we see around the Montrose area. These plants are used to receiving very little water and have specific adaptations to extract more nutrients out of the ground. By using plants native to our area, you are working with nature instead of against it. Water for lawns and non-native landscapes accounts for over 55% of Colorado’s residential water use. Imagine being able to drastically cut down your water bill by using native, desert hardy plants in your landscaping.

Landscaping with native plants also helps with biodiversity in developed areas. Developments remove much of the green space and natural areas. Non-native plants don’t provide as much for beneficial insects, birds, and other wildlife. When you landscape with natives, even on a small scale, it helps maintain biodiversity that otherwise could be lost to development. This benefits pollinators and helps keep a low maintenance landscape. When installing a landscape, it is usually recommended to plant at least 50% native plants and trees in the landscape. This allows you to also add in other plants you want, while also providing the benefits of being lower maintenance.

Water Features in Landscaping

Water features in landscaping add appealing sights and sounds to your landscape in Colorado. You could even add something as simple as a bird bath to attract birds to your backyard. If you want something more, fountains are easy to install and add more sounds to your landscape. The sounds of falling water are proven to be relaxing which is just what you want for your outdoor living space. Montrose, Colorado is also known to have longer and hotter summers. An in-ground or above ground pool may be a good option for a family. Another option would be adding a hot tub to your outdoor living area. You can get year-round use out of a hot tub in Colorado and it’s something you can come home to and unwind.

girl near raised flower bed

Retaining Walls and Raised Flower Beds to Add Structure and Depth

The area around Montrose, Colorado is relatively flat, but in some areas, there are hills, slopes, and small bluffs. Landscaping ideas involving retaining walls or terraces will add more structure and depth to your landscaping. Raised landscaping beds make the areas easier to reach for maintenance. But raised landscaping areas will dry out more quickly. By using native plants, you won’t have to water as much or at all. Retaining walls and terraces can also aid in controlling erosion and water runoff. Montrose gets some heavy and fast rainfall that can cause erosion around your home. But a properly designed landscape can withstand these storms and stop erosion.

Outdoor Living Areas

What landscape is complete without some sort of outdoor living area? Colorado has great weather with lots of nice sunny days, so you’ll definitely want to spend some time outside. It’s always fun to go places and explore, but sometimes it’s also nice to stay home and enjoy your own backyard. If you’ve just bought a new home in Colorado, a more affordable option to expand your outdoor living space is using some pavers to expand your deck or patio. If you want to add some covered areas, and outdoor gazebo or oversized umbrellas can add shade and cover. When choosing patio furniture, be sure to get something that will be durable. Coated metal is one of the best options as it will stand up to the harsh sun and almost any weather year-round.

women sitting in outdoor furniture playing a guitar

Adding Rocks and Boulders for Accents

Bring a little bit more of Colorado to your outdoor living areas by incorporating larger rocks and boulders into your landscape design. You can use creeping plants around the boulders to make them appear more naturalized. Adding in large rocks and boulders is a way of incorporating a variety of hardscape into your landscaping. Adding contrast adds interest to your landscaping. During the winter months, there won’t be anything blooming, but along with evergreen trees and bushes, boulders can add interest in your landscaping during the more barren winter months.

xeriscaping with flowers and grasses in Colorado

Xeriscaping to for Low Maintenance Landscapes

Xeriscaping is landscaping that is specifically designed to be low maintenance and needs little to no extra watering. These types of landscapes are great for Colorado landscapes because much of Colorado is a desert and we don’t get much for rainfall. Landscapes in Colorado that are designed in this way will look good no matter the weather or heat. Xeriscaping doesn’t have to be all cactus and rocks though. There are drought-tolerant grasses and lush bushes that will add more greenery. Many native plants are also great for a more drought-tolerant landscape as they are used to the high desert country in western Colorado.

There are a lot of great landscaping ideas for your custom home in Colorado. Ready to make Montrose, Colorado your home. Contact us or view available homes for sale in Montrose.