For some, moving into a new custom house can immediately make them feel as if they finally have a home to call their own. Other people need time to adjust. Whether your custom house feels like home right away or not, there are some great things you can do to make a custom house your home. With a custom house, you can pick your finishes, colors, and other things to personalize your house to how you want it to be without having to do any of the work.

choosing options for a custom home

Selecting Custom Options for Your House

Here at Ridgeline Homes in Montrose, Colorado, we are here to make all your ideas for your customized house a reality. You can pick your community, floorplan, colors, and more! We want the process of picking out colors, finishes, and other custom finishes an enjoyable process. Choosing all of these customized details is what transforms a house into the home you want to create. The construction of your new home can be the most exciting part! That’s why we will conduct several walk-throughs with you and let you know when certain milestones are achieved throughout the building process.

Our customers choose various customizations depending on their lifestyle. We have installed special kitchen features, walk-in bathtubs, custom lighting, colorful doors, along with many other custom options. When your house is built the way you want, there is no need for painting, remodeling, or any other work to your home! And the cost of a custom home might be less than you think!

wall decor in a custom Colorado home

Wall Decor

Haning art, photos, and other wall decor can be quite the task to accomplish when you’re moving into a new place. But getting it done sooner rather than later will help your house feel more like home. Empty walls can make the entire space feel empty, even if the room or area is nicely furnished. And research shows that looking at art makes us happier. We get a boost of pleasure and good feelings when we can look at something that we like. Hang up some photos of friends and family, get some art pieces or decor you really like, and you can even use shelves to put plants and other decor on your walls.

potted green indoor plants in a window

Add Some Green

Green is a very positive color that evokes calmness, peace, positive, and energy. It doesn’t magically make you feel this way, it is just the brain’s natural response to green. Green is very common in nature and can bring a natural feel to your home. Add some green decor such as art, blankets, or pillows. Use a variety of plants to add different shades of green and natural textures to your home. Pothos plants are popular since they are inexpensive, easy to grow, and do well with bright or dim light. You can even choose some custom green color options for the interior or exterior of your home if you really love green!

kids teddy bear on bed

Bring in Elements from Your Childhood Home

For many, there just isn’t anything quite like their childhood home. If you still have some items left from your childhood, you can use them in your decor and throughout your home. Display some of your mother’s or grandmother’s cookware that you may happen to have. If you still have your favorite toy, you can use it in decorating such as putting it on a shelf. Whatever you can do to make your house seem more special, put these items in a central place. Bringing back memories of your childhood home is a great way to make your new house feel like a home.

lamp by bed in bedroom

Let in the Light

A bright home is an inviting home. Our custom homes include lots of windows in every room. Keep your windows free from obstructions to let in the light. Even though our custom homes do let in the light, sometimes you just need a bit more. In corners of rooms where there may not be as much light, use a free-standing lamp or decorative table with a small lamp on it. Candles can add some nice soft light along with adding some cozy smells to your home. Choosing lighter colors and finishes will also help in making your home feel more bright and open.

family unpacking boxes

Keep it Organized

Clutter will always detract from a space, no matter how nice it is. Moving into a new house takes a lot of work, but staying organized when moving is important. Use dividers, holders, and other organizing tools when putting things away in your new house. Make sure you have enough space. Even if you do have extra space for storage, don’t constantly get things you don’t really need that take up storage space. Keeping even your closets and other storage spaces that are more out of site organized will help in making your custom house a home.

woman and dog in a cozy home

Make it Cozy

Making your new home feel cozy can mean a variety of different things. Light some candles for some inviting smells. Add lots of soft items such as pillows, rugs, and towels to various rooms to cut down on the echo and help the space feel cozier. Add throw blankets to the furniture and beds. Relaxing sounds such as soft music will add to the relaxing atmosphere. To add some ambient noise outside, consider installing a fountain for some relaxing water noises. The cozier you can make your home feel, the happier you are going to be there. And it just might be so cozy that you don’t want to leave!

Building a custom house with us allows you to customize it to make it your own home. Contact us to start talking about how we can make your dream home a reality! We would love to help in creating just the home you need for you and your lifestyle.